Semmelweis University

The University's Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry is Hungary's largest medical and dental school. For many years now, the admission threshold has been significantly higher than that of other national institutions in the field. Nearly five and a half thousand students study at the two faculties, almost one in two of whom come to the University from abroad. The Faculty of Medicine is one of the leading medical schools in Hungary, while the Faculty of Dentistry is the only dental school in the country.

Semmelweis University has a long history of graduating doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and midwives who go on to have successful careers. The university has awarded more than 100,000 diplomas since its founding, and 28,753 students have graduated between 2008 and July 2021. According to the National Graduate Career Tracking System, 61% of the university’s students found a job immediately or within a month after completing their studies.

Semmelweis University is one of the most international universities in the world. The number of students is more than 10,000 and it is constantly growing. One-third of the students come from 5 continents. The university maintains links with more than 200 higher education institutions abroad in various fields of cooperation.


Why Choose Semmelweis University?

  • Rich Academic Tradition: With a history dating back to 1769, Semmelweis University boasts over 250 years of academic excellence and a strong commitment to medical education.
  • Diverse Student Body: The university welcomes over 13,000 students, including a significant international community representing 110 countries across five continents.
  • High Graduate Employment: Graduates typically find employment within three months of earning their diplomas, showcasing the university's strong connections with the job market.
  • International Training Expertise: With 40 years of experience, Semmelweis University is a leading institution for English and German-language medical training in Europe.
  • Research Excellence: The university holds 246 research grants, including 55 international and 191 Hungarian research grants, indicating a strong commitment to research and innovation.
  • Public-Interest Trust Foundation: Operating under the control of a public-interest trust foundation, Semmelweis University is backed by the Foundation for National Health Care and Medical Education (NEOA).


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