Budapest Metropolitan University is one of the modern universities in Hungary, as it was founded in the year 2000. It strives to provide a high level of education in conformity with the standards of the European Union, in the fields like art, economic studies, social sciences, tourism, and communication at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The university has four campuses, which house its 9 institutes. They include The Institute Of Social Sciences and International Relations, The Institute of Tourism and Marketing, The Institute of Business, Institute of Visual Communication amongst others.



Why Choose Budapest Metropolitan University?

  • Central Location: Budapest's strategic location in the heart of Europe offers easy access to major European cities and free movement within the EU.
  • Rich Cultural Scene: Budapest is a vibrant capital city with a lively cultural life, boasting numerous theaters, museums, art galleries, and UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Cost-Effective Living: Hungary, including Budapest, offers a cost-effective living environment compared to Western European countries while providing a Western European way of life.
  • International Recognition: Metropolitan degrees are internationally recognized and accredited, following Bologna process standards and the ECTS credit system.
  • Diverse Programs: The university offers over 20 programs in the fields of business, communication, art, and tourism, all taught in English.
  • Language Emphasis: Free language courses are available, and the university supports international adventures through scholarships like Erasmus+ and Campus Mundi.
  • Modern Facilities: Campuses are equipped with modern technology, including over 800 PCs and Macs, language labs, smart boards, art and design workrooms, studios, and specialized classrooms.
  • Convenient Accessibility: University buildings are conveniently located near public transport stops.
Student Life

At Budapest Metropolitan University, the student experience is enriched by a vibrant array of activities, sports, and clubs that cater to a wide range of interests. From the moment students step onto the campus, they are welcomed into a dynamic community where opportunities for engagement abound. The university's commitment to fostering a holistic learning environment goes beyond the classroom, with an emphasis on personal growth, skill development, and building lasting connections. Students have the chance to join various clubs and organizations, allowing them to pursue their passions, discover new interests, and collaborate with like-minded peers. Whether it's engaging in sports competitions, participating in creative workshops, or taking part in community service initiatives, the university provides a platform for students to shape their unique journey and create unforgettable memories. This comprehensive approach to student life ensures that each individual's experience at Budapest Metropolitan University is not only academically enriching but also personally fulfilling, preparing them for a well-rounded and successful future.

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